Light of Mine is a clothing company with a conscience!  For every shirt we sell we will donate a pound of seed.  By empowering people to help themselves we can create sustainable solutions to eliminate hunger.

Founded out of a deep-seeded (pun intended) love for people, Light of Mine is dedicated to selling high quality shirts allowing us to donate high quality aid to those who need it most.

In 2011, our Chief Seed Sower, Kimberly, was compelled to start a business which focused on helping right the injustices in the world.  The biggest obstacle she faced in the beginning was deciding on which social injustice Light of Mine would focus on.

After despairingly researching the unbearable problems our world faces, it was decided that Light of Mine would focus on combating hunger worldwide. Why? Because 25,000 people die everyday from hunger and it’s solvable.


Once we determined our what and why, we next had to determine our how.  It was imperative that whatever aid we rendered be sustainable.  Donating meals would provide momentary relief, but our goal was to create sustainable development, so we decided on donating seeds.


Carol joined the Light of Mine team in the beginning as an intern after reading a blog introducing the company.  She has since become an integral part of our team as our Seed Cultivator and has helped further define our brand with her passion for punching hunger in the face.

Thank you for taking this journey with us as we continue planting seeds of hope worldwide!