The roof is almost complete! THANK YOU!!! We’ve raised and sent $1,115 to New Seed International! Because of your donations and huge hearts the kids will finally be able to sleep without the fear of getting soaked, or in tight quarters. Thank you again so much for your generous donations. We should have some images from Livinus soon of the completed roof. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to everyone who kept NSI in thoughts and prayers.  -Carol K., Seed Cultivator


We only have 1,800 left to go! The director of new Seed, Livinus, has also provided us photos of the damage that we’ve shared below.” – Carol K. , Seed Cultivator


The beautiful faces of the children at New Seed.

The beautiful faces of the children at New Seed.

Our friends at New Seed need our help!

A recent storm has damaged the roof of the children’s dormitory.  The rainy season is here and the children are at risk of getting sick as the damaged roof pours water into their home.  Ranging from ages 2-14, the 71 children living at NSI need a roof that can protect them from the impending storms and the rains they will surely bring with them. If you’d like more information about NSI visit them at their Facebook page.

New Seed International is an orphanage in the Volta region of Ghana.  Light of Mine has worked with this organization in the past, donating seeds.  All of the children of NSI are affected by HIV/AIDS.
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